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Hollywood Hills Residence

This was a home above the Sunset Strip section of the Hollywood Hills built in the 1930s. A beautiful and charming house, it did need a lot of updating on the interior and exterior. After the interior had been completely renovated and updated, the owners turned their attention to their outdoor spaces. They wanted a swimming pool, but the back yard was too small to accommodate one. The solution was to make use of the much larger front yard and build the pool there by constructing new retaining walls to level off what had been a hillside yard. We poured new patios, clad the new walls in a stone veneer and used a slate tile for the patio floor surfaces. The pool itself has a glass two-tone water-line tile and a series of spillover fountains that pour water from a wall into the pool, adding a beautiful aesthetic feature and drowning out street noise. We designed a roof top deck to provide an additional outdoor dining space and take advantage of the city view from the higher elevation. In the back patio, we created an outdoor room effect by including furniture and potted plants that would essentially become an extension of the interior of the house. Overall, the landscape took on a resort feel as the homeowners wanted.