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Ladera Heights Residence

The challenge with this Ladera Heights residence was that the landscape was original to the 1950s home, either overgrown or patchy, unattractive, and not at all useful. The back yard had essentially become a wasted space. The owner had very particular tastes. Inspired by a painting of a sunset in her house, we worked to create a landscape that would incorporate some of the purple and orange color tones from the painting. We removed an existing ugly metal overhang from the back porch and leveled the slope of the yard to create a flat space, building retaining walls in a curvilinear shape for interest and dimension. Playing off the curves of the wall, we built a circular upper seating area with curved steps leading up to it and a round fire pit. The upper planters consisted of lush perennials in greens and purples with a new privacy hedge of golden bamboo. In the end, the backyard became bright, usable, inviting, and exactly what the client wanted.