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Studio City Residence

Some projects provide very unique challenges. In the case of this Studio City residence in San Fernando Valley, we had a tiny narrow back yard in a hillside on two levels with a lower narrow walkway and steps leading up to an upper section that was a bit larger but still a rather confined space. The only logical approach was to create an outdoor room but try to give it a sense of depth to increase the feel of the space through use of color. We poured a new upper patio, tiled it and painted the retaining walls a shade of green that would make use of natural color tones to give a receding effect. We also went with a more modern aesthetic that was pleasing to the clients though use of a variety of ornamental grasses and pots with plants that would eventually grow in to become focal points in either end of the patio, giving the eye a place to settle and distracting from unsightly equipment in the patio that could only be masked off. Finally, we added smooth river stone gravel to the lower walkway to create a dog run for the clients’ small dog that would have some aesthetic appeal to it while still being a useful space for its particular purpose. The clients were thrilled with the result.