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West Hollywood Residence

After years of neglect, this homeowner bought this cute bungalow in West Hollywood and completely renovated the interior of the home. After the interior renovation, the yard spaces remained ugly and in a state of further disrepair from the construction process. To make matters worse, the wood fence on the property line was collapsing. Being a small space, the homeowner wanted make as much use of the limited space as possible while still creating the effect of a lush garden. To accomplish this, we had to essentially wipe the slate clean and clear out everything in the yard. Having a blank slate to work with, we were able to design an outdoor room with a large patio space in the fenced in and private front yard. We used paver stones to save money on hardscape and created an organic feel to the space by using curved lines and very colorful plantings consisting of a mixture of ornamental grasses, flowering perennials, and vines. We also rebuilt the dilapidated and collapsing fence and constructed a new front gate. In the end, the garden became the perfect compliment to this bungalow and an outdoor space that the homeowner could enjoy as much as she enjoyed her new interior.