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Green Design Group begins with the philosophy that the design should be a collaborative process between the landscape designer and the client.


This collaborative relationship begins with an initial consultation between designer and client at the client’s residence. In order to get a clear picture of what your vision is, it is import to discuss ideas, concepts, and directions for the design, budget and what is appropriate for the site.

Design – Planning Phase

Once you and the designer decide on a concept and direction, the designer will begin to use his intuition and talent to turn your property into a work of art. You will be presented with a design book that will include a computer-generated layout of your own personal design for your space. The list will include plants, accompanying photos and descriptions, and hardscape material ideas. Your design book will make it easy to imagine the end result of your conception. In addition, specific choices of hardscape materials, plants, any pots or planters, water features, etc. will also be part of the collaboration between the designer and the client.

Implementation Phase

Rest assured that the designer will work closely with the landscape contractor to oversee the installation and implementation of the landscape design. The goal is to make your makeover a stress free, fulfilling and special experience. Careful attention is always paid to the physical layout of plants and the construction of all hardscape to ensure that the design is implemented just as it was intended.

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